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Jones Carbon Solution 161 or 162W with Jones MTB US 11

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Hey guys,

New here. Just wanted to get your opinion on this.

I'm 5'11", 166lbs and my feet measure 27.5cm. However, the I have to ride in a Jones MTB US 11 just because of my weirdly shaped feet. I have the Spark R&D arc bindings.

Now, I have just bought a Carbon Solution 161 and I'm right on the edge of what's generally recommended (~ 1 inch toe and heel). I generally stick exclusively to big tours and deal with whatever conditions on the down.

I've read the blogs from WiredSport, Donek and Snowboarding profiles and taken pretty much every measurement there is. Since I don't usually ride wide boards I don't have any experience on sizing up.

My question... is 1inch going to cause problems and would sizing up to the 162W have any advantages? At the end of the day, we're talking the difference between 252mm on the 161 and 263mm on the 162W. By sizing up, I'd probably bring that toe/edge hang to within the 3/4 inch range.

Of course, sizing up is going to involved me putting the board and skins on eBay and going through that hassle but obviously better than booting out in serious terrain.

Cheers, this forum as been very helpful so far.
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