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Jones Flag or K2 Alchemist for a quiver deck?

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Hi all,
Looking for another deck to add to the quiver. I picked up a Jones Stratos which I love, but looking for something stiffer to keep for the hard charging days.

I found a couple great end of season deals on both the Flagship and the Alchemist. Maybe Ride Superpig as well. I’m towards the Alchemist but there’s hardly any reviews on it. If anyone has ridden I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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I purchased a 2022 k2 Alchemist 160. Used it quite a bit this winter. Def a bomber, holds a great edge and stiff. I definitely can fly with that thing, but this was my first directional board, and I just could not get used to it being directional. Im so used to my twin, and found myself trying to ride goofy a lot and having issues. If you're looking for a fast carver, you can't go wrong with the alchemist. Also the translucent orange nose is awesome. So many questions on the lift lines. I rode it with Burton Ion steps ons boots and Burton x step on bindings.
What was it like in powder?
That’s too bad and I’m sorry about that. Did they at least offer you to ship the board to them for inspection?
That sucks and I would write Jones and see if they'll do anything. I have the newest flagship and has the "wow" factor for me. In fact I often think I'm going to ride something else but end up on the flag. As far as the base goes, I pass everyone even when traversing. Seriously , write them. See what they'll do. I do it on any board that even breaks and it's my fault. I'm always nice and honest. The worst that's happened is I got 40 percent off instead of a replacement and it was absolutely my fault on that one.
I bought the alchemist primarily as a powder board. In the deep it's awesome, it already has some set back. For really deep stuff, set it back one or two positions, and it just glides over the deep stuff. Def good performer in the deep stuff. With it being as stiff as it is, def made it easy to use in powder.
Sorry rant not want
that’s weird and unfortunate. Had nothing but positive experiences with five Jones boards. All the brands come out of only a few different factories… it’s not like they’re all that unique from a manufacturing perspective. But it’s too bad they wouldn’t consider your issue.
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