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Hey guys,

Yep, it's another "help me find a board!" thread. But not really-I've done a lot of research, it's just that I'm a bit overwhelmed. I have a couple options on my plate, but I've only recently became serious about boarding so I'm looking to run them by the experts.

About me:

I'm 5' 9", 142 lb, 20 years old, size 12 boot, have been boarding since I was 5, and I grew up in Northern Michigan but I'm relocating to Seattle this summer. Basically, I'm looking for a board that can do everything-one day I'll be carving up powder in the backcountry, the next I'll be enjoying a leisurely groomed run, the next I'll be doing a few jumps and grinds. Mostly, however, I'm looking for a good quality board that will be used, 85% of the time, only powder and backcountry runs. So, an all mountain/freeride board from what I've learned. I'm probably gonna stick with traditional camber. As for my budget, it's flexible-I basically want the best board I can get. I've always been an advocate of spending more on a quality product now and then not having to worry about it. But in raw numbers, My ceiling is about $600, and I'm fully prepared to spend that.

I'm mainly looking at these companies:

Lib Tech

Of these, I'm looking pretty closely at the:

Rome Anthem SS
Rome Agent Addictive Collection Rocker
Rome Agent Rocker, the Rome Agent Snowboard 2012
Rome Mod Snowboard 2012

GNU Billy Goat
GNU Carbon Credit
GNU Impossible Series
GNU Altered Genetics

Capita FK'n Awesome!
Capita Black Snowboard of Death

Lib Tech Dark Series
Lib Tech TRS

So you can see why I'm a tad confused: there's a lot of choices out there. I'm not asking for anyone to do my work for me-I know all these are good companies that turn out quality boards, and I'd probably be happy with any number of these. So I'm just looking for personal recommendations. Have a ton of people loved the Agent Rocker? Found the Dark Series to offer the best bang for the buck? Or is there a board not even on my list that would be even better? I'm accepting any and all tips, suggestions, and advice.

Thanks guys!

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