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I've tried on a bunch of different boots and can't decide what to get.
Are the intuition heat mold liners better than those that don't have that feature?

we really don't have many stores around for this, just a few.

I've narrowed it down to the k2 pulses lace ups and the saloman faction.

The pulses are pretty tight on the toes, going up in size and the boot is real sloppy on the foot. For both issue the guy at the store says the liner heat molded should fix all that with either size but once they mold it, the boot is mine!

the saloman faction dont seem to have heat moldable boots, the only ones they have left are size 11-11.5, and my toes dont touch at all on these, just barely when I lean back. They fit nice and snug except the left foot lifts up a bit more than I would like.

I tried burton, dc, and a few other brands and they are either too big or too small or too sloppy.

Out of these two, which would you pick? Which problem is easier to fix for comfort. I tried them both on with just regular socks soooo..

the saloman seem a bit stiffer too. I very new to boarding but out of the boots I've tried the stiffer boa's I rented were my favs, the loose beatup boots felt unsure and like I was wearing hiking boots while zinging unsafely down the mountain.

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