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Hi guys
Just want your opinions on the above two boards, there's a lot more info on the happy hour than the slayblade so ifanyone has any really descriptive reviews on the 2014 slayblade. Please forward them my way.
I won't be able to demo either of them hence the reason for the new thread.
Abit about myself I ride a 157 trice I have size 10.5 k2 t1 boots. not sure if its a smaller or larger footprint boot doubt id need a wide board, I'm also around 75kg an 190cm roughly. I mostly ride groomers going fairly fast. I mainly ride in my regular stance, and I enjoy jumping an going through asmuch powder as I can find. I more so leaning towards the slayblade in 158. But if you can think of anyother boards please let me know.
Cheers guys
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