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Kickstater and snowboard don't mix well

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While bored at work I was reading the reddit snowboarding group, I fell onto this.
Rotary Snowboard Bindings. A rotating binding. Here is another binding with more moving part with a pull strap near the toe that will probably grab on every little tree stump you might find in the snow. Wasn't this invented a few years back and never caught on?

That got me curious to see what other "crazy" inventions/innovations related to snowboarding could be found on kickstarter. This is what I found:

PHNX Boards. Homage to the snurfer with the addition of a brake. Made by a kid and his dad.
Edge Risers. Plastic Riser plate.
LED Color Changing Snowboard. I won't go into this one as it already has been destroyed by this forum.
Mahee VBoard. V shaped snowboard with an edge in the middle of the base.
Bon Hiver Freebase binding. Once again, already been talked about on this forum.

All of these project, except for the snurfer, came nowhere near their goal.
PHNX Boards are 4 days out and missing only $700 to reach their goal of $5,000
Rotary Snowboard Bindings asking for $100,000 only has $17,435 with only 10 days to go.
The Edge Risers project failed to get the $6,000 needed for their project, they only got $925
LED Color Changing Snowboard failed miserably with only $3,338 of the $48,500 goal.
The Mahee VBoard, £1,690 pledged of a £71,500 goal.
Bon Hiver Freebase binding another miserable fail with only $1,069 pledged out of their $75,000 goal.

Not having a successful crowd funding does not mean that the product never sees production, the Bon Hiver founder found another way to finance his idea. It seems unless you have a really novel/game changer idea, kickstarter (and probably other crowd funding site) may not be the way to go.

What if JF Pelchat and Now bindings went to kickstarter for funding instead of Nidecker would they have had the same success?

As a bonus, if you’re a brit, you could help finance a mobile ski slope.
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Kickstarter where bad ideas go to get funded.
It seems unless you have a really novel/game changer idea, kickstarter (and probably other crowd funding site) may not be the way to go.

If you have a really novel/game changer idea, you don't need kickstarter.
What really bothers me about kickstarter is that if you have a really good idea and you post it there, you'd better have a patent in progress already. I'd bet real money that there are people who regularly troll that site looking for good ideas to steal.
Out of those the only one that's not a gimmick are the risers. They're used quite heavily in the racing world to increase the angles you can get the board on, and give you more leverage over the board... The difference is they usually come in a joint format called a plate.

Like this for race boards...

Or these Kessler risers for freeride/BX setups...
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