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Hi! As my patella cartridge has been blown about 4-5 years ago, I cannot ride more than 2-3 days without a kneebrace. I used to own the 1st model of Asterisk Ultracell (1.0) and also the new BOA one (2012 or 2013 model, see below).

I also have a XION body armor (upper and lower) which I like a lot as it doesn't restrict my range of motion and doesn't almost rip off my snowboard pants (I took a larger size but I still look like robocop).

What replacement options do I have? I'm looking for something slimmer but with the same level of protection as the Ultracells. What about the new Ultracell 2.0? Does anybody own a pair (latest 2018/2019 strap models) and can tell me if the diameter has been reduced?

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