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Hey All,

Long time lurker here, hoping to get advice regarding some knee pain I have been having recently. I have a twin board with stance ducked out to 15, -15. When I ride switch I get pain on the inside of my front knee (almost feels like it is twisting or something). I have been riding switch a lot more than usual this year because I have been teaching my GF to ride and it is something for me to practice while keeping a little slower with her. I am trying to determine if the pain stems from: 1) binding angles 2) poor technique 3) stance width.

The weird thing I don't feel the pain when riding regular, just switch. It makes me think it is a technique issue because my switch riding isn't quite as good as my regular. I know binding angles are personal preference but I just am not sure what would impact the inside of the front knee? (like should I duck it out further? maybe reduce the width of my stance? or does it sound like a technique issue??)

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Thanks in advance!
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