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Knees feel weak during Toeside Turns!

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I don't know if it's the fear or my inability to do toe side turns. I feel very comfortable on my heel side but when it comes to toeside, I feel weak, shaky, and unbalanced. I usually do the heel side falling leaf during all my runs and I want to break that habit!

I'm going snowboarding tomorrow and would like to know how I can effectively do a toe side turn. How can fix my problem and finally connect that heelside turn to a toeside turn?

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Thanks Snowolf! I'm sitting here with a banged up left knee and sore left arse cheek from...toeside turns!

My biggest fault is having my weight shift to my back foot - which causes the board to slide out and BANG! When I get aggressive and keep the weight forward it goes real smoothly.

Those threads you referenced have lots of great info:thumbsup:
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