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thanks for your input everyone :) i'm 16, the pain is usually in the front more towards the inside of my knees after i ride. They really hurt after sitting for long periods of time, i find it hard to stand up. After i get moving it generally goes away. Its usually just feels like its really sore. i don't usually stretch. I think thats it
LOL, I'm 55 and I have the same symptoms. Pretty sure that doesn't mean that I have the knees of a 16 year old. Or if I do, I should return them :)

Check your stance as others have said. But in addition, do some ice-pack. If you have some swelling from abusing your knees, you can either take it easy for a week or two (which means no snowboarding -- screw that!) or you can reduce the swelling with a bit of cold therapy. Works for me.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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