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lace hooks on pants

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How are you supposed to use these? I assume it's supposed to hook to the laces of the boot liner? Right now I'm not doing that so I'm getting some shin bruising. Know of any brands/specific pants that don't include this "feature"?
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what ever you do do NOT put any part of your pants inside your boots.
Inside the liner or inside the boot? Hrm... I had always been accustomed to tucking stuff in because of the whole two layer thing going on. This explains a lot.
ya thats why your legs kill afterwards. the only thing in your boots should be your foot and sock.
the gaitor and shell of the pant goes outside.
Haha I feel stupid now. I've been doing this for years, including back when I skied. *shrugs* Guess my question's answered.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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