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Well some might say that my luck is amazing this year but I just call it "waaaaay past due" for two years we came in December. Was told "we always have snow by now but not yet this year" then last year I was told to make our Xmas trip be at big bear because they would be pretty much guaranteed to have snow there for Xmas. Soooo we went to big bear and it was dry as hell not a flake. So this year we decided to come back to Tahoe but s month later. I've been watching the weather for a month in disbelief thinking I have jinxed this poor town again lol. Every year I promise the kids snow and they get shot down hardcore. Then all of a sudden about 4 days ago I hear about this big storm coming. Lol so you can kinda see why I have been on pins and needles all week. I'm originally from Boston where snow was plentiful all winter. Now live in Phoenix and believe me the only snow we see is on the news. So I am literally watching the weather report every hour and praying like heck that we hit the snow jackpot
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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