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Lib Tech Thrift Find!

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Hello hello!

I was browsing a local thrift store yesterday, and I came across an old Lib Tech dark series board. It was $10 so I thought why not?

I was wondering if anyone here has had one or used one. I threw some 5th Element bindings on it and it seems to be a really decent board, ecspecially for how much I spent on it. :D

Here's a link to the exact one. It's a 2006, but I'm still pretty damn happy. I've always loved rocking the old boards. :)

Lib Tech Dark Series Snowboard, 2006 - CrazySnowBoarder Review
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That's actually a fun board for hard charging.
$10 That's awesome.

I would have bought it if for nothing less then for wall art or make a bench or coat rack out of it. Or hell just to have another board!

Nice find! :eusa_clap:
I thought so! $10 bucks isn't really a waste for a potentially awesome board.

Open up my own rental shop xD
Damn man. Score! I know where I'm going this weekend!
Definitely a deadly score, prolly why I didn't see any boards today:unsure:

What size is it?

Does it have magna traction?

I'm just lookin' @ Lib Tech Dark Series Snowboard, 2006 - CrazySnowBoarder Review

It looks like it says magna traction available in the WIDE models, do the regular width ones not have MT?

Yeah, this one doesnt have MagnaTraction. Icould MAKE it have MT though xD Kidding, its a 164, the sticker is still on it and everything.

Ill post a few pictures


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Bump * Anyone have an idea what itd be worth? in moderate condition, has been used, definitly still ridable though. I wasn't boarding when this deck came out so I dont know what its worth, ecspecially now.

Need money now so I might sell it if its worth a little bit. if most Ill get for it is 50 bucks id prolly keep it. xD
Dude that is a straight up big mountain powder killer. We didn't always have Mag and reverse camber and seemed to ride just fine back in the day. That thing looks awesome and will ride awesome. Nice find and you should be crazy stoked.
I doubt you could get more than fifty for it, but I guess you'll never know till you try, maybe ask for $100 and you might get lucky. Maybe some collector guy would want it, but realistically it's not really a super sought after board like the old Cummins or Litigator.
you might be able to get 100 if you wait to find the right buyer, but I doubt it. I'd say 50 tops is realistic. There's nothing intrinsically unique or valuable about it.
Sounds like the value in this board is going to be riding it.
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