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Second time on the mountain, after a dreadful first day of endless falling, skidding, tweaking, sprained wrists, sore back etc...

Yesterday, we went up for a re-run... as I was determined to get better.

I always though I was regular stance... left foot forward and go. I went with it and did my falling leaf toe/heel side for multiple green runs. I actually got very good at it, but just didn't have the courage to link my turns.

On one of my falls, there I am sitting on my wondering what is wrong with me?

I ackwardly get up and start sliding down with my right foot forward, and now my brain is firing like crazy, I'm telling myself this is wrong!!! Stop, get back to your regular side..... I'm gaining speed, I start panicking...

I push down with my right foot, board starts to turn left.... I slow down a little, but I'm heading for the out or zone area, and the orange tape.... I lift my toes up and press on my heel, the boar starts going right.... and then I fall.

Then I realize I just did my first linked turn.

I get up, goofy this time, and try it again... and there I go.... my C turns start linking together... It just felt so natural with my right foot forward that by the end of the day, I was doing green runs with no problems, without falling, and full brake control ....

Who would of thought, I always though I was regular... but ended up goofy...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to my next time on the mountain, and continue getting better... .

Cheers everyone, I just though I'd share my little blurb...

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heres a question for you.. did you just guess when you started? There are a few "techniques" to try to figure out if you're regular or goofy.

That said.. congrats. You're a lot further along than i was after two times out :) But hey that was a long time ago. keep practicing bro
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