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Looking for a new board.

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Alrighty, so I know its not the ideal time of year to buy a board right now... but the funds just weren't there this summer. So basically i think i've out grown my current setup... (not size wise, but skills wise.) my current board is a 166 cm twin shaped directional traditional cambered and stiff board thats about about 4 years old. So basically my riding style is all mountain, i like to charge the mountain, which is what my current board is really good for... but i want to work on my switch riding, and start to head into the park some.

so i've looked at a few boards online, the gnu carbon credit, the rome reverb rocker, and the nitro cinema. All in the 161-162 size range, and in the wide version, because i have size 13 feet.

What i'm looking for opinions on those boards and also suggestions on any other boards that might fit what i want to do.
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I vote Rome reverb rocker
I just picked up a Flow Quantum for all mountain freestyle in a twin. I can't really recommend it yet because I haven't had a chance to try it out, but it could be a good option. Last years model only cost me $250, and I dig the graphics. It's pretty stiff so it should handle speed pretty well. Probably not the best for jibs, but as a one board to do it all, I think I'll be pleased.

Maybe someone else here has ridden one and can comment.
yeah im not looking for something thats stiff, my current setup is pretty stiff i want something a little more playful.
They say the Shifty is a flexier Quantum. Maybe they can be had on the cheap too.
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