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Most of the ones I see on Amazon so far are a bit too small with a blade around 8 inches or too short. Maybe 13 by 11 or so inches like the size of my laptop would be better. Dad had a fold up one with a plastic blade that was closer to that size. Aluminum like that would be better.

Ones with longer handles or a bigger blades are often plastic or not collapsible.

Suppose I could make one but don't have the tools materials or place to do it.

EDIt: This is the best one I've seen so far:

Longer but the blade is still small.
My Tip is don't buy a shovel from Amazon.
Get a Voile Telepro Avalanche shovel. (aluminium Blade and D-handle)
Black Diamond Evac 9 looks alright too (alloy blade and D-handle), but more expensive.
If you are going to do a lot of shovelling, a D-handle is way better, and you can even use it wearing mitts.
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