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Looking for info about vintage Mickey's malt liquor snowboard

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Looking to see if anyone knows any details about this seemingly rare Mickey's malt liquor snowboard. Not sure on its age, at minimum it is 15 years old.

All I have found online is a Pinterest note saying:
@"151 Mickey's Malt Liquor snowboard. Very rare I have heard as few as 30 of these were made. It's from 96-97ish I think. Not sure on manufacturer but was told when I got it that it was Volant/aggression??";

Thanks for any insights.


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The chances of it having any real value are close to zero. There are very few snowboards with collectible value and virtually all of them are iconic snowboards that changed the game in terms of tech or old school pro models. The only promo boards I'm aware of with collectible value is a run of Grateful Dead boards that some manufacturer did. But then again, Deadheads will buy damn near anything with something about the Dead on it.
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Hahaha... i hear ya. Was just hoping to get more definitive answers on who manufactured the board. Thanks for the quick response.
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