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Looking for new all mountain board, t rice pro?

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Hi guys,
I am looking for a new all mountain board.I am 5'11" 160lbs and I currently have a k2 raygun in size 159 and I've had it for 2 seasons now and I'm looking to upgrade this season. I mostly ride groomed trails at resorts but i occasionally go out of bounds for powder when there is some and i occasionally go into park just for the jumps i don't do rails or boxes. So i am looking for another all mountain board. I think travis rice is an amazing rider and i heard his boards were amazing all mountain boards. Ive heard they do great in almost all conditions so i was leaning towards getting a t-rice pro or a t-rice pro HP. Id like to have your opinions on if those boards were good choices and i have to choose one of them. Do you guys think the extra $130 is worth it for the HP or is the regular t rice pro good enough. Also i am 5'11" do you guys think the size 157 is good enough or do you think i should go up to a 161 i currently have a 159.
Thanks for any help in advance.
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I haven't ridden the HP, I think it is supposed to be a little stiffer than the Pro.

I'm about 5'11" and 190 lbs. I have the 157 Pro and it's a good all around board to me.

I think it's a good balance; not to soft and playful floppy, but not too aggressively rigid. Getting it on edge, it as great hold and bite, works better for me than cambered boards did. But for spinning 360s like a top or buttering, a soft board like the Banana is much more fun (I have one of those too).

Depending on how deep and soft the powder is, is whether or not I will do that much powder playing with it. When it comes to deeper powder (foot or more), I put it away and grab the Fish. Night and day difference.
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