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Looking the replace my 4 year old 32 TM-Two

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Hey guys, looking for something new and different to replace my 32 TM-two boots. They have been awesome boots and the first pair I truly liked that rode well and lasted. I would buy another pair, but it doesn't seem like 32 has changed anything in 4 years and I would like to see what new tech is out there. I prefer a stiffer boot 6-7 out of 10. I was looking at trying, NIKE, Addidas, or Vans... Let me know your guys thoughts. I want something that will last as long as my 32 boots did, but with newer tech or something that really brings something new to the snowboard game that I haven't seen. Also these boots honestly still feel great and look like new for having roughly 150 days on them. No splits or rips of any kind... The rear ankle of both boots looks kinda "crinkled" not sure if that's bad or not. I always lace my boots up when I take them off also so they don't lose shape either.

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i got last years tm twos and after riding my brothers 5 yrs ago they r still just as awesome.. looking at the lacing system u can actually see how the laces draw pressure from the sides of the boot rather than the top and i feel it makes for a very comfortable boot especially with my some what wide feet.. ive done about 60+ days on them with no real signs of wear and tear and r still stiff and easily have another 1 or 2 full seasons in them.. if u know they work why not do it again? just throwing in my 0.02.
Get another pair.

Get another pair. There is no new tech that is important unless you want BOA (which I personally hate, regular laces work great for me).

Vans, Addidas and Nike have to be the three worst out of the box choices you can make, they offer nothing to the industry(at least Vans is rooted in boardsports), least of all, tech.

Seriously there have been a couple tech advancements and steps back in bindings, board shapes continue to evolve and diversify, man was making boots hundreds of years before the snowboard.

I'll admit I believe the Tm-Two to be the premier boot of the whole world.

The last ones fit and lasted?

Get another pair.
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Thanks for all the info guys! It's making me think maybe I should just get another pair, but I do really like the "pillow top" feeling if NIKE boots. My concern was if they would hold up as well as my TM-Two boots. I would hate to spend 300 on boots for them to pack out in one season.
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