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Loose bindings that shift and turn

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Hello experienced riders. I need help on this issue I have.

I did some reading about potential explanations for running into these problems. Such as temperature changes, crossed threads, screw length wrong etc.

I tried my fix with plummers tape. The screws are in good and tight, but my baseplates still shift around even when screwed down.

What is the right fix?? Help!

I should note the bindings are only a season old and the board is brand new.
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Oh wow. I always heard the advice NOT to use power tools for screwing in your bindings as that is how you damage things! Seen a lot of stripped inserts or dimped boards and ruined snowboards bc of that. Praying for the safety of your snowboard and bindings. If bindings are loose despite good hand tightening... I think may be something else going on.

Strongly hand tightened is more than sufficient to keep bindings tight for multiple weeks of hard riding. Normal to have some loosening if you ride a lot, just retighten. If getting loose quickly add some blue locite or nail polish or plumbers tape to the screws. Most screws come from factory with some blue locite.

The Burton EST tool that can be set at a right angle (EST® Tool | Winter 2023) is extremely helpful for tightening that last bit securely.
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