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Loveland, CO - 3 Day Trip

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Hey all,
After a lot of begging, I got my family to take a trip to Colorado. To sum it up in a few words, the trip was AMAZING. We left Thurs. at about noon and drove 13 hrs from STL to Georgetown, CO. Long drive, but it wasn't too bad. Driving through the mountains at night was pretty cool, the stars seem extra bright. Anyway, got to Georgetown at about 2 am, and went strait to bed.

DAY 1:

I knew snow had been forecasted for thursday, but not as much as we got. Woke up to "On The Snow" app alerting me that Loveland got 7".....FUCK YEAAA. Friday was unreal. I have never been snowboarding in powder so the whole day was just a dream. It actually is a lot harder to snowboard in powder, and I had a lot of trouble keeping my nose up. But hell it was sick, falling doesn't hurt one bit. Me and my buddy found some amazing tree runs and tore it up.

Overall the day was killer besides the 5 degree temps with crazy wind, and getting stuck in deep pow for 30 MINUTES.

Day 2:
Blue sky, sunny, what a perfect day. Still a ton of fresh tracks, and a lot of snow. Lift 9 was open so we stayed on that most of the day and hit the ridge. Epic views, great snow. To top it off, no lift lines!

Day 3:
Pretty much same as saturday, snow was more packed, but the wind died down and turned out to be a good day. I have a question thought, anyone ever use the spedometer app? Me and my friend bombed lift 8 from the top and he got 61 mph! We don't believe it but it would be crazy if it was right.

Overall the trip was amazing. What I really like about loveland is the wide open runs. It was a lot different than keystone last year. Keystone seems to have designated runs, while Loveland seemed like - make your own run - kinda thing. Loveland park sucks though, they don't even have jumps:huh: Doesn't matter though. Lift 8 was by far the best. Got some crazy slashes up top then go strait into the trees. Awesome trip, can't wait to go back.:yahoo:

Here's some pics.

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It looks gorgeous. I haven't been up to Loveland since I was still leafing it down the slopes. Those views make me want to go back. Thanks for sharing!
I've got a 4 pack I need to use for Loveland. Sounds like you had a great time. As far as speed, I have used by GPS and clocked 68 mph before.
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