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have not posted a review on this as i have been slack ... so here is my review :

setup :
bataleon magic carpet 156 2015/6
now ipo
nike kaiju

rider :
not sure where i fit in the skill department

conditions :
fresh powder, choppy powder, groomed runs, icy groomed runs, ice
mid january, niseko japan and mid march, jasna slovakia

- way more playful and flexible board than my riot
- super fun and turns on a dime in all conditions
- bounces around a bit when going at warp speed on choppy runs (to be expected really)
- floats like crazy in pow (even for my weight, would be infinitely better if i wasn't such a lardarse)
- great for noodling and what freestyle i did (butters, nose and tail presses, ollies, nollies, 180s all ways, some 360s .. no park rails or boxes)
- only issue i had was that i dinged it when going through some tight trees at moderate speed (my riot has taken way bigger hits with nowhere near the damage)
- topsheet damaged due to a skiers running over it with both skis :/
- super icy conditions saw more washing out of the rear end (most likely due to my weight and lazyness rather than the board itself)

overall i love the board, but would prefer my riot for allout groomer/hardpack bombing. as an allround board for noodling it is a win. as a powder board it rocks.
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