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Malavita or Salomon for a park board

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Malavita or Hologram for a park board


I'm going to pick up a rocker-camber-rocker board finally to see what it's all about. Wanted to pick up the malavita or hologram to go w/ the board. Both 2013 models are the same price for me locally so I'm trying to decide between the two.

Which would you recommend?

Originally tried out the union force but the toe cap buckle really sucks on that binding. Also the workmanship on that binding doesn't match up to these.
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Halogen? Or Hologram?

I can't talk shit about the vita but I love my holograms. Check out the District as well.
sorry... i can't type worth shit today.

I meant hologram.

Ended up picking up a pair today. Love how light it is. :yahoo:
You will love them. Super soft feel but excellent heel toe edge response. Rode them today in heavy slush and they kicked serious ass.
Yeah got the holograms last year one of the best bindings I have ridden in a long time.
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