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Anyone headed up next week? Wanna carpool? Hook up for some laps?

Im planning on leaving Pasadena early afternoon on Sunday 3/17. Want to get up early enough to meet some friends for drinks on St Pattys day. Head back to LA on Wedesnday 3/20.

Would love to find someone to carpool with and if you need a place to stay it's $40 a night at the condo I got. Or if you happen to be in town, Im down to make some turns with peeps, always.

Can be flexible on the time. Have awd and room for 3+ gear.

Also, I am old and listen to geezer music, if that is not ok bring your own (usb or bluetooth). I'm not picky but it seems everyone else. No Alex, Im not talking about you ;) kidding!!! :laugh:
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