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Member Behaviour

We try to maintain a reasonably hands-off policy towards policing the membership, which means we don't jump down your throat for saying "poo". However, this DOES NOT mean it's a free-for-all. Baiting other members, PM stalking, homophobic/racist commentary, threats of violence, etc will get you either suspended or banned. Arguments are inevitable, but attack the argument not the person. Repeated personal attacks will get you a time-out. Repeated time-outs will get you the boot.

Ongoing battles

DO NOT follow another member around from thread to thread, baiting them. We all love a good fight, but when it's over, it's done. Holding a grudge is not acceptable and will get you a time-out at minimum. If someone really pisses you off on a constant basis, we have the ignore function. Use it.


Trolls are boring, and generally pretty easy to spot. If you try to start fights we'll just ban you without comment. If you try to start weird threads, you'll fit right in. :D And BTW, opening multiple sockpuppet accounts is a bannable offense. That'll get you booted and get your IP blocked.


If you lose your temper and go on a rant and/or dare us to ban you, we will do so immediately and without comment. If you have that little self-control, we're better off without you anyway.


No political or religious arguments. Those never have winners and are generally pointless. We'll often let a civilized discussion of a current-affairs issue go, but as soon as tempers flare it'll be shut down. Addendum: There is a political sub-forum, but don't expect a lot of interest.


No porn. No suggestive pictures. Assume that 10-year-olds are reading the threads. They probably are.

And since it apparently has to be spelled out, alienating half our membership by posting yoga-pants pix, while not technically porn, is not acceptable.

And since this too apparently has to be spelled out, this restriction applies to avatar pix as well.


Some swearing is inevitable, but don't make a habit of it. See above about 10-year-olds.

Necro Posts

New users will often page through the forum listings and respond to interesting threads without checking the dates on those threads. Really, we do not need an update on a thread about the latest boards where the last reply was from 2009. Please be aware of the dates.

The "Recommended Reading" box at the bottom of forum pages also has a tendency to serve up really, really old threads. Please resist the urge to reply to those.


NO. No damned way. You spam, you will be kicked out so fast your avatar will red-shift. See the other thread in this section on "Posting Surveys and Advertising" if you have a snowboarding-related business. Posts with irrelevant links to unrelated business or products are spam, and yes we'll notice. Signatures with links to non-snowboarding businesses are spam as well, although we'll sometimes let an unobtrusive one go if you're a contributing member. Repeatedly posting stuff that references your website is spam, no matter what word you want to use instead. We have paid advertising. If you want to advertise, use that.

Equipment Reviews

If you want to do an equipment review, you are welcome to do so. But please indicate in your review whether you purchased the item or were given it or got some kind of discount. Full disclosure, blah, blah...

Vote for me! Vote for me!

You want us to vote for you in a contest, and you've joined just for that purpose. Really? We should fall all over ourselves to help a total stranger who may not even hang around after we've done the dirty. Tell you what, read up under "Posting Surveys and Advertising" for the requirements for asking this of us. Fail to comply and we will vote for your competitors.

Gosh, golly, look at this!

We regularly get people coming on the forum and pointing breathlessly to some non-snowboarding-related website with their first post, often while pretending that they just happened upon it and want to share it with the world. Then they express innocent surprise when they get verbal abuse. This is a snowboard site. Says so right at the top. If your main motivation in joining was to point us to something non-snowboarding, then you are by definition spamming, and can expect to be treated like a chew toy thrown into a dog kennel.

Some practical advice for new members

As a newcomer you haven't yet established any cred or any rapport with the group. Just as in real life, if you come in with mouth blazing you'll get punched. Please use some common sense. This is a community. Many of our members ride together, and many are friends on and off the forum. You are, metaphorically, a stranger walking up to a group of people and trying to join in. Be circumspect, try to learn the personalities and the flavor of the forum before diving in full volume.

Simple decorum

So you join our site, and immediately post a self-promoting video or screed in eight different sections, and bump it every ten minutes with a re-post. Then you act surprised when you get banned. Really? It never occurred to you that such behavior might not be acceptable? Really?

As a general rule, multi-posting is not only unacceptable, it's also pointless. Members use the "latest posts" button, and they'll see your post. If you multi-post, members will see that as well, and you can expect a flaming. And a mod will delete the extra threads anyway.

Miscellaneous notes
  • This is an English-language website. That may seem like a trivial point, but we occasionally get people coming in and posting something in a foreign language/alphabet. The problem is that it's impossible to moderate, unless we happen to have someone on staff who can read it. Such posts will be deleted without comment or discussion.
  • This is not a democracy. A moderator/admin decision is final. There is no vote.