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Midwestern spots?

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i live in iowa so theres really not anything here, besides like Seven oaks or Sleepy Hollow.

just want to know if anyone knows anywhere close in iowa thats good for just riding for the hell o it.
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This belongs in THIS forum, homes:
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How far into iowa are you?
His avatar says DesMoines so most hills in WI will be 2.5 hours or so not sure what is around Platteville that is close for him or if it's worth it to trek into southern MI not sure of the hills in that state.
Plus he says riding for the hell of it, I wouldn't want to trek 2+ hours for a trip like that.

Sundown in Dubuque was yielded via 5 sec google search and I'm not even close to there hahaaha
Mt Cresent in Omaha
There's some ess in southern mn, but nothing impressive. Not much worth multiple hour drives.
everyone is starting to get the itch !!!
Thanks, im thinking Sundown. Probably could only go twice though ince its quite a drive :( guess im stuck at Sleepy Hollow.
Are you down to go to Mount Crescent. I'm going to be visiting someone in Omaha, so I can meet up there if you want?
Never been, but used to live in NE for 28 years...but I'd imagine mt cresent is closest to de moan.

Anyway get the frick out of the Midwest and enjoy a real hill...I will never move back...hell I won't even go back to visit family...thus they must come here if they want to see me. Pics from last year :D:D:D


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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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