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Damn. That’s scary. Glad you’re ok. I hit mine a couple weeks back. Headache that night. Think I’m due for upgrade......8yo helmet!
Yeah,.. I'd say you're due!!. Especially if you've taken any kind of significant hit while wearing it. The Longest estimates for "Helmet Shelf Life" I've read is like 5 years.

Im not sure how well my old (...8yo) helmet would have protected me with this hit. :O The closer I look,.. the more damage & deformation Im finding to the new helmet. I think the interior foam is cracked from the bottom near the earpiece (pictured) up to the vent on top. (...vent opening is slightly warped.)

I wasn't going all that fast either,.. not getting all gnarly & shit. Just coming into the lift, I rode thru a fresh pile of mm snow underneath the snow gun. It was several inches deep, but it was wet & crunchy. My board sank suddenly & stuck during a transition to heelside & it threw me down on the back of my head. HARD!

It took a couple of minutes before I could pull it together enough to even sit up. (...fucking snow gun was still covering up my body the whole time.) 😂😂😂

3 more ppl ate shit in the exact same spot while I was recovering. Two skiers,.. one was ski patrol. I could tell He got his bell rung hard as well!

THAT one finally got the gun shut down.
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