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Right, so off the back of this:

The wide Salomon synapse are excellent. No pain! :grin: :jumping1:
I did end up getting the 8.5, as the 9's were out of stock at that point of the season. They're 90% fine, but (right foot bigger than left) the right big toe does hit the end quite hard and becomes a little painful.

First question: Can you mod boots ever so slightly to punch a 1/4 inch extra space for the big toe? The boots otherwise fit perfectly. I'd otherwise be inclined to get a 8.5 left and 9 right. which is difficult.

Second question: I've had double-BOA boots previously to these and do like the locked-in feel around the lower calf. Is there a way to mod lace-up boots to tighten around the calf? I tried this: but no. I like the velcro strap you get on the inners of the thirty-two's, for instance, but anyone in a store I tried to explain this to looked at me blankly.
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