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Mt. Bachelor Backside

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I've been all over Bachelor except the backside! I've been doing some research on it and from summit it doesn't seem like too big of a deal. The terrain it offers is exactly what I want to ride. Anyone with experience on the backside care to give some tips? Looks like the West catch line is all downhill back to NW. Tree well danger is always a thing. Anything specific I should prepare for? I would be doing this with my brother. I understand keeping a visual on each other is a must. Any cell service back there?

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Honestly if anyone does respond to this probably best to keep it on the DL so message me instead.
It's not like it's a secret spot or gated terrain. It's just normal Mt Bachelor. If you want some steeper stuff go check it out. If you've never been back there just don't blind full send an area you don't know. Take an exploratory lap to look for trouble spots (IE Vent holes, exposed rocks, etc.)

There are resorts that are exceptions to this. See Mt Baker. But Bachelor's backside isn't that.
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