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I am typing on my phone so forgive me if this makes no sense.
Anyway I have been wanting to snowboard the north side at blue for a while now. Well none of my gf's would go with me. And last year when I went to take my kids over there with me there was a giant sign that said EXPERTS ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT in giant letters. So I yelled NO DON'T GO THERE KIDS! And so we didn't.
Well this week when I was at blue with my gf's we hooked up with an old man on the lift, as we do. He was a lovely man. He joined our group for lunch and we chatted about the north side. I told him I have always wanted to ride there but I was too scared lol. So he was really nice and offered to take me over there. I hummed and hawed over it during lunch and almost told him NO! I can't do it!
So after lunch 3 of my gf's said "Oh no we are NOT going to the north side with you, no way!" But one brave gf chewed an edible and said "yeah I will go with you guys."
So off we went, myself, the old man and my gf with her edibles. He took us up the silver bullet and across.
I was totally pumped. Ready for this grand adventure.
So we are going up the lift near the blue hotel almost at the top and I say to the old man "so just one or two more chairlifts to get there then?" And he looks at me puzzled. I'm like, "Remember you are taking me to the NORTH side not just over here by the hotel" and old man is like "yeah this is it. We are here."
Me "THIS IS THE NORTH SIDE?!" and he's like yeah, what?
Here I thought the skies were going to part and we would go WAY up WAY higher and there would be a giant wall of steep snow.
The other dudes on the chair were laughing.
I have never been so disillusioned in all my life It was so so funny.
So yeah, now I can snowboard on the north side.
Queen of the north

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