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My first fully-edited GoPro snowboard movie.

Hey, I finished editing my first snowboard movie this weekend!

Val d'Isere, end of January 2013 with some of my friends from uni I hadn't seen in a couple of years. We had a great time!

It's only my fourth trip (usually seven-ten days each, so I'm about five weeks of riding in). I also managed to bust my knee off a big jump two weeks before in La Plagne and am still wearing a knee brace in the video - hence no jumps from me!

Really enjoyed shooting and editing this. The first two trips I tried using my GoPro the footage was fairly unuseable, but a combination of experience on shooting techniques and a professional cameraman being on our trip resulted in some decent footage.

Shooting in 720p/60FPS, mainly on my HDHero2, with some by my friend on his HDHero 1 in the same mode.

I edited using Final Cut Pro X, which is just awesome for anyone looking for software more powerful than iMovie, but still very intuitive.

It was also useful to see myself riding for the first time and get some pointers!

I'm really looking forward to more riding and editing. I'm planning to get out again this season; and am booking in for a kite-surfing course and gear for summer - so I'm excited.

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