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My next beginners question

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Hi all,

I've just come back from my third outing. The first two times I used a rental board (not sure what) and this time I used my own used board that I bought recently. Its a Ride Control board and I think its the 2006/2007 model. It was labeled as a beginner/intermediate board. It has a 1 inch stance set back.

Anyways by the end of my second outing on the rental board I had started to link turns however when I tried doing this on my own board yesterday it was a real struggle. I couldn't really turn at all and was falling over any time I tried. I didn't feel in any control.

When I bought the board I did not get it waxed or the edges sharpened. The edges certainly feel pretty blunt to me. Not sure if its been waxed recently but speed wasn't an issue. It definitely was faster than rental board but just wouldn't turn.

So I'm just wondering if the rental board is super east to ride and I need to suck it up longer on my new board or if there is anything I can do to make my new board a little easier to turn.

Thanks in advance
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Hm, I have two suggestions; One, practice. Practice, and hell, practice some more for good measure! Two, play with the highbacks on your bindings and try to find a stance where you could drop a plumb bob from your crotch and it would smack the center of the board. I remember when I had problems with that, and this stuff seemed to work.
Yeah, if you're just starting, changing your board is going to screw you up. It's a short-term issue though. As mentioned, make sure you dial in your stance properly. Use the same width and angles as the rental shop used, at least to start with.

When you're more experienced, you'll be able to hop onto a strange board and ride it right away, but not now.
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