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Just rode my new bataleon. First time on a Tbt. My initial thoughts are as follows

- base/speed. It's slower with the extruded base but fast in a straight line. The snow yesterday was wet and grainy so it was naturally slower so it was slow
period. I did not think it was enough of a differance in speed to make me not like it.
The base was fast in a straight line. I really noticed this when I got to th base of the run and needed to cruise about 100yds to the lodge to get a beer and just cruised straight and flat based the whole way like I was on a conveyer belt. That was pretty sweet. B+.

Tbt- Took a little getting used to but after a few runs I was good. I must say it is quick edge to edge. It is a spinster too. I felt like the tbt was most beneficial to me personnally for riding switch. It made linking turns whwn riding switch effortless (i am not blessed enough to feel just as comfortable riding normal and switch). The tbt does make catching An edge less likely but it is not as impossible as some reviews make it sound but is is pretty good and would definately make a new rider advance quicker. I thought that the flex of the board-which is a 157 ( I am 6ft 198) is not a noodle as I thought it may be. It was more flexible than my forum youngblood but also had less pop. Ollies and backside 180s were not as effortless as owould have hoped because of being used to a stiffer board with more pop. I am sure I will get used to that And learn to pull more out of the board as I get more used to it. My only complaint was that trying to launch off small kickers and initiate eithr a frontside or backside twist it is harder to dig the edge and start your spin because the raised edges take more
lean to grab. Now this is a peronal issue I think. I know only the raised edges are At the tip and tail but I can tell a definately differance when looking for that bite at the launch. Overall. A-

rails/boxes- only went on a few small features and it was really no diff than my other board

kicker/hooters- Jumps pretty well. Lighter than my youngblood and the tbt does make landings less sketchy and gives novice to pro riders a buffer zone for sticking more
landings so for park features I give the board A+.

This particular board was ok in the chop and pretty good at speed. The snow conditions were pretty bad yesterday , at one point it was raining so it is hard to get good feel for how theboard would respond to good conditions. The tbt did make tree a little
more doable as the edge to edge was so quick you could really make quick turns to avoid obstacles.

So for the overall first ride I give this board a A- to B+. reviews are always really broad across the spectrum
of riders but these are my initial thoughts. The boArd was fun overall and I will not go bAck to the forum for awhile and see how far this tbt takes me. I had alot of fun on the board. The technology is the real
deal though.

I will try to post a second ride review soon and I apologize for typos or wowed wording in this post as I am writing it on my iPod touch.

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Great review! I am looking at picking up a fun kink of the same size but I am only 5'9" 140lbs... You mentioned the flex being not as noodley but still lacking pop. Do you think that a 157 would give enough support in size n pop to handle bigger booters but still be a rail destroyer?
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