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N E 1 from des moines or close by....

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.....that's into or ever considered getting into urban or street riding? I got some good spots pegged(minus the snow rite now...fak!) just lookin for some locals to ride with, all my buddies have moved or are out of the sport, tired of riding (getting busted up) alone! Haha!!
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I'm heading back to iowa probably this weekend if not it will be next weekend.. I'd be happy to stop by Des Moines on the way to davenport.. Might be a good break from the drive
Leme know, we got snow now, not a lot but enuf. Depends on which weekend too. I got busted in urbandale no charges but a fun rail that I don't dare go back to...maybe....but have a couple other spots I wanna hit and am checking out tonight.
Probably this weekend probably leave sometime Friday maybe even Thursday not positive work wise when I can sneak out.. But I'll just be coming across I-80 so can meet up wherever
Sorry, ain't been on forum for a bit....snows been dunsy, prob was wen u rolled thru too. Fkn sux
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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