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Alright, i need some opinions and past experiences. I am looking to buy my first set of boots and bindings this year. Finally got away from renting.. Okay! So here are my choices:

I ride all mountain and starting to learn park, mainly park this year though. I live in California, so we don't have the icy snow like the east. I wear a size 11, I'm 5'9 and 165. Any of these choices would be a huge stepup from the terrible rental boots.. But that's plenty of info I think haha.

Thirtytwo Lashed - $200
Thirtytwo TM-Two - $280
Nike Vapen - $220

I got to try on the Lashed and the TM-Two a couple of days ago. I liked the comfort of the lashed, but it was a little too soft, and I noticed it to be extremely bulky, not sure how that'll look with pants and inside my bindings, but it seemed unnaturally large. I also heard some stories that the Lashed boots pack out easier. The TM-Twos had the perfect flex, but weren't that comfortable, maybe a heat mold would fix that? Pretty expensive at $280, but seem pretty durable in the long run. I didn't have the chance to try on the Vapens in my size; store didn't have them. But my best buddy swears by them. He loves the comfort and flex of it, but I have noticed a ton of wear and tear on his boots, and he takes good care of them.

As I said earlier, anything would be a step-up from the rental boots, and its all about fit, but I just want to hear some past stories. Thanks!
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