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Need advice/opinions on a setup

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Let me start off by saying I am fairly new to the sport and am looking for a beginner set up so I do not have to rent. Will probably only use 4-5 days a season max so I do not want to break the bank.

That being said, I found this for sale on another forum and wanted to get some opinions on it. I tried to research the board/bindings online but was unable to find them (I'm assuming they are old).

Burton Supermodel 163cm - Am told it is in excellent condition but could use fresh wax.
Bindings are Ride Preston size Large also told they are in excellent condition.

I dont have boots yet but prob. need a sz US mens 9 or 10 so will these bindings accept that size?
Is 163cm good for a beginner board? Keep in mind I am 5"11 about 175lbs

He is asking $90-100 for the package.
So :thumbsup: or :thumbsdown:

Thanks in advance!

Bottom board

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Just realized this is prob in the wrong section so please forgive
i think the 163 is a bit on the big side for you. whats that Nitro??? Burton doesnt mean better. the bindings should be good.
i think the 163 is a bit on the big side for you. whats that Nitro??? Burton doesnt mean better. the bindings should be good.
I was told the Nitro needs a tune up. Its a 159cm that he used for 2 years at mountain creek.. its been sitting in his garage for 2 years since he bought a new setup. New it cost him over $400, after a base tune up and sharpened edges it will be good to go. Top of the board has light discoloration where the bindings were mounted, but obviously that will be covered up once bindings are put back on (see close up pic)..

what does a base tune and sharpening cost these days?

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Thanks, also here is my other option

Its a Solomon Prospect 151cm
Ride bindings and K2 boots in US 9 (idk how they will fit but its a shot)
Says everything is in excellant condition as well.
Again I could not find any info on the board/bindings/boots online

He is asking $130

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with the 151 will be a tad on the small side. best bet probably be close to 55 or 57. idk... weither of these boards will work dont get me wrong. but going to far out of your weight range hinders learning. you can goto these companies websites and check out weight charts.
Thanks I'll check up on that now before I pull the trigger on any of these.

As far a price goes do they all seem fair? I don't want to get ripped off here.
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