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Hey guys,

I am buying a Yes Typo snowboard. Should I be getting a 156w or 158? I live where there are just small hills so I will be riding mainly park just for something to do but I go to the mountains for a week every year and want a board good in powder and on blacks as well. I'm at a beginner to intermediate skill level in the park and can comfortable ride black diamond in British Columbia.

I'm 165lbs 5'11" boot size 10.5

They are sold out of the 155 and the size chart says max boot size 9 anyways.

I have no idea which to get some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is the Yes Typo the best snowboard choice for my riding? I have a warranty credit for Yes Snowboards. Let me know if you would recommend a different board. I previously rode a 154 Yes Public and it broke. It was a true twin with a flat base. Although i've never ridden any other board it worked well for me in the park and in B.C. at Fernie on some blacks and powder.

Thanks guys!
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