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I'm kinda new in snowboard but I can ride most red lanes and curve quite nicely

Till now I used rental equipment.
I think it's about time for me to upgrade.

I ride all mountain. And I might try few parks next season.

I have Rome sds boots (after measuring alot of pairs I found one that fit) boot size 9.5 us.

I'm 173 cm if I'm not wrong it's 5"6'
and weight 176 labs

I thought if getting flow nx2 I don't know what to get the GT or SE.
I would like some help in this area

case snowboard gear is not my professing I asking your help for a
decent board with good value. I prefer new from 2013.

I thing a price limit of 350 will be enough.

Thanks for everyone . And sorry for my poor English.
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