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Looking for some advice here on bindings, hoping you guys can help me out.

Right now my setup looks like this -

Board: Rossignol One Mag-tek
Boots: Was riding older Salomon F22s, but need to get new boots too. Will probably go with Salomon Synapse
Bindings: was previously riding salomon relays, so i guess it's the equivalent to today's Holograms.

I mostly just freeride, groomers, powder, hit small/medium jumps, going through the woods. Never hit the park. Would consider myself as "advanced".

So what i'm looking for is a pretty stiff/responsive binding mostly for freeriding with good heel-toe. And the ratchets were a bitch/possibly some of the worst on those Relays, so really want a good ratchet system also.

Here is what I've kind of narrowed it down to:

Flux SF
Ride El Jefe
Raiden Blackhawk

And these I have some reservations on, but seem like reasonable choices also:
Union Charger (will this be TOO stiff?)
Ride Capo (heard some bad things about the ankle strap being too loose)
Burton Cartels (no idea)
K2 company and Rome 360 Boss (no idea if these are worth considering in this category)

I've been doing a ton of research and it really sounds like the Flux SF would be a really good fit, but I also really want to try the canted bindings. I think I would have already settled on the Flux if they had a canted footbed...

I know I probably just named every reasonable binding choice already... haha. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Also if you have any other suggestions :)
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