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What should I do?

  • Get the 2010 Era and better bindings

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  • Get the 2010 Era and upgrade bindings later

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  • Get one of the more expensive boards and keep the burton freestyle bindings

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  • Get more expensive board and upgrade bindings next year

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I started snowboarding last year on a elan royale 155. At the end of the year I bought some burton freestyle bindings that I have not used yet. I am now looking into a new board. I am looking at the 2010 flow era...but i also like the 2011 K2 darkstar and parkstar, as well as the gnu carbon credit.

Should I:
-Get the Era and better bindings
-Get the Era and keep the bindings I have
-Buy any of the above more expensive boards I like and keep the Burton bindings I have and upgrade some other time. I am only looking to spend up to 450 dollars total. So the Era 200 and up to 250 on bindings. Or just one of the new boards with the freesyle bindings I have.
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