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Need your help!will it be a problem?

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I bought this repaired board at a low price to make 12 days maximum a year and use it for 2 seasons.. before i touch the snow for this season I noticed that on the side that the board is repaired whith epoxy the base and the edge have a dent 1mm upwards that makes a small inclination on the edge and returns at the right place after few centimeters the damage has come from rock on the base that bent the board and chipped the top sheet.
I feel that it maybe won't affect the sidecut because the first touch at the nose is at the
right place and the only inclination on the sidecut is at the dent that it won't touch.
I am worried about it because if I have to pay for a board I just can't have money to ride so I had to ask if it's supposed to affect the toe side carving or the overall ride.
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