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Never summer onyx 2014

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Anyone ridden this yet? My gf is looking at the 136 version. She's 4'11 and 105 lbs and an intermediate rider. She's been on her k2 kandi 134 for 3 years now and is looking to upgrade. We ride a lot of ice in Australia. Opinions?
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140-145 ask her what she likes. speed freeride or park jump and go from there.
Problem is 140 would almost be as tall as her. She's only 148cm tall, I was looking at an infinity but that starts at 142. She's more a free rider, only just getting into jumps. She's not a very powerful rider either, she just wanted something she can ride around the mountain that would last.
Still no ladies jumped on this?
I'm actually looking to get the same board. I'm 4'10, 105ish pounds and an instructor as well. For her size and ability level, anything higher than a 138 would be pretty difficult to use. The Onyx has a lot of new tech from the men's line this year, and from what I understand it can be used for both freestyle and all mountain riding. I currently ride a 136 Rossi Tesla, and even though I ride almost every day anything larger than that is going to be difficult to get a diverse use from. The board itself generally requires a good amount of maintenance, so if she goes go for something with a sintered base make sure that you're willing to do the upkeep.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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