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NeverSummer Evo 154-32 TM Two Chamberlin-Smith Maze-Oakley A-Frames+More Later

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Gotta lighten the fleet up a bit and make room for new toys this coming season. Prices are negotiable but do not include shipping (especially on the board). Please PM or email me ( [email protected] ) me if your interested in anything. I can take more detailed pictures of anything, just let me know. Not looking to trade for anything.

I will be posting more later to include more 32 boots (maybe some 2014 TM Two "Change That Tape" and Maven boots, gotta check on that first), 686 jacket(s), Smith I/O's w/ Ignitor mirror lens and clear lens, and depending on whether or not I could live with myself for doing it my "Never Summer Brothers in Arms" Cobra w/ Union SL's.

2013 Never Summer Evo 154 w/ 2013 Rome 390's size L/XL (comes with 0, 2, and 3.5 footbeds) - $400 for both or $300 for the board and $100 for the bindings. Board is in great shape and was sharpened and has a summer wax on it for storage, no serious damage and barely any superficial scratches top or bottom. Bindings have some paint chipping away on the metal frames but that's it, great shape otherwise.

Oakley A-Frame goggles with a VR28 lens and a Hi-Yellow lens. Got these a year or so ago and then got a pair of Smith I/O's (and now on to the Smith Vice which are super sick) and haven't used them since. No scratches on either lens, bag included. Looking to get $65.

Thirty Two TM Two Chamberlin size 9.5. I used these two seasons ago and kept them through this past season as a back up. In the picture they have 32 Maven liners in them so they look low, but the proper liners are back in them. They have about 30 days on them and still lots of life, nothing wrong at all and soles still look good. $50

Smith Maze size Medium. Rode this last season, no falls but it is a little scuffed up from kicking around my trunk all winter. Already has a Go-Pro mount. This was pre-production so it doesn't have the stretch panel in the back liner for size fitment and is exactly like the model year previous internally. $25

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