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New all-mountain board advice. Boots/Bindings/Board fit.

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I'm 6" 3.5in tall, 190lbs (87kg).

Quick question guys because I'm about to buy the new GNU Riders Choice 2016, 157.5cm.

I already got the 2016 US 11 Burton Imperial and the 2016 Burton Cartel Reflex size M on the way.

My concern is, can I center up properly my boots and bindings on this board ?

The new RC has a width of 25.3 cm based on the information posted on GNU website.

As of bindings I have no worries because they are size M but my US 11 boots are on the bigger side even if they say it has a reduced footprint similar with US 10 boots.

I found the board at a good price, there is only one left and I don't wanna lose it.

Thank you!
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Thanks for the message.

I have the boots but the bindings are on the way to me and before I bought them I asked the shop (one of the biggest in Europe) which size fits better for my 2016 US 11 Imperials and they said get the medium, so I bought them.

Also its that thing with the reduced footprint that say it gets you down a full size and I can confirm they seem pretty small on the outside.

Also someone from here told me it should be a good fit.

Gonna see, if they don't fit I will send them back and get the Large ones or I could get bindings from other company since I already bought my board.

btw, do you talk about 2016 Driver X and Cartels or from previous years ?
I have size 9 2014 SLX Boots and medium 2014 Cartels and its a good fit but I am sure size 11 boots would not fit the medium bindings.
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