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New all-mountain board advice. Boots/Bindings/Board fit.

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I'm 6" 3.5in tall, 190lbs (87kg).

Quick question guys because I'm about to buy the new GNU Riders Choice 2016, 157.5cm.

I already got the 2016 US 11 Burton Imperial and the 2016 Burton Cartel Reflex size M on the way.

My concern is, can I center up properly my boots and bindings on this board ?

The new RC has a width of 25.3 cm based on the information posted on GNU website.

As of bindings I have no worries because they are size M but my US 11 boots are on the bigger side even if they say it has a reduced footprint similar with US 10 boots.

I found the board at a good price, there is only one left and I don't wanna lose it.

Thank you!
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I'm also a beginner and I think the 161.5cm is too big for me. I only have 3 days on a snowboard.

The RC 157.5 is rated for 130 to 210+ lbs, so should be good.
Where are you located and what type of riding do you mostly do?

If you are on a small mountain and located in the east coat then you can certainly get away with the 157.

edit - As a beginner the 157 is more than enough board for you. Enjoy!
I'm from Europe, Romania. First I need to learn, so for now I will only ride inside ski resorts and we don't have big and hard to ride mountains over her atleast not inside ski resorts.

After I get some weeks on the board I'm planning to go in Austria.

Do you think my boots/bindings will center up properly on the 2016 RC ?

Thanks for info guys!
Allright. After I get all the stuff I will post some photos here.

Thanks everyone!
Thanks JT.

I already bought it. I can't wait until my board arrive.
Something to keep in mind, my size 11 Burton driver x would not fit the medium cartels properly and after talking to Burton, it was clear my boots required large cartels, which could be the case for you, or maybe not.

Thanks for the message.

I have the boots but the bindings are on the way to me and before I bought them I asked the shop (one of the biggest in Europe) which size fits better for my 2016 US 11 Imperials and they said get the medium, so I bought them.

Also its that thing with the reduced footprint that say it gets you down a full size and I can confirm they seem pretty small on the outside.

Also someone from here told me it should be a good fit.

Gonna see, if they don't fit I will send them back and get the Large ones or I could get bindings from other company since I already bought my board.

btw, do you talk about 2016 Driver X and Cartels or from previous years ?
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I'm a little bit concerned now.

My bindings are not shipped yet I think as I haven't recived any tracking info should I email them and ask again ? Maybe I should tell them to conduct a test US 11 Imperials on medium Cartels.
Something to consider, could also call Burton
You were right.

I asked Burton also and they said Large.

I will repost here what I posted in "bindings" subforum.

"Ok, so I've got the bindings and they fit if the straps are maxed out but there is a problem with the back of the bindings (heel area), they are too narrow for my US 11 Imperials and you have to force them back and push down in order to center them. That leaves a clear deforming sign on my boots and I think if you ride like that you'll ruin your boots. Not good at all.

I will send them back for Large bindings."

PS: We are talking about 2016 US 11 Burton Imperial and 2016 Burton Cartel Reflex.

PS2: My GNU RC 2016 is going to come tomorow I think, I hope I won't have any problems center the new Large Cartels and US 11 Imperials with this board which is 25.3 cm wide at waist.
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I've came up with some photos,

Boots: US 11 Imperials
Bindings: Cartel Reflex M

This is the problem with the heel area:

This is the sign left to the boot after just 2 minutes inside the binding without putting pressure or my weight.

This is how US 11 boots fits Medium Cartel bindings ( The big strap is maxed out, the toe strap has 1 more hole left) the gas pedal is max forward.

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Here I have my brother's old Burton Classic bindings in Large with my new GNU RC board. To me they seem centered up pretty good and I still can move forward the bindings.

Cosidering this, I will send back my medium Cartels and get the Large ones, I don't want to ruin my boots.

The new RC is great and the Club Collection graphic, amazing. Should I sharpen the edges of the board, they don't seem too sharp ?
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Yes, that is true. There is no room for the heel inside the Medium size bindings.
I have a pair of size 11 Ride Insanos that fit fine in all 3 pairs of my M Burton bindings. At that level I guess it really depends on the make of boot.
The Imperials "fit" also but as you can see I will damage the boots riding like that since the bindings are too narrow for my Imperials. I guess it all depends on the make of boot like you said.

Do you know if I should sharpen the edges of my new RC board ? They don't seem too sharp if i check them with my fingers.

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