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New all-mountain board advice. Boots/Bindings/Board fit.

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I'm 6" 3.5in tall, 190lbs (87kg).

Quick question guys because I'm about to buy the new GNU Riders Choice 2016, 157.5cm.

I already got the 2016 US 11 Burton Imperial and the 2016 Burton Cartel Reflex size M on the way.

My concern is, can I center up properly my boots and bindings on this board ?

The new RC has a width of 25.3 cm based on the information posted on GNU website.

As of bindings I have no worries because they are size M but my US 11 boots are on the bigger side even if they say it has a reduced footprint similar with US 10 boots.

I found the board at a good price, there is only one left and I don't wanna lose it.

Thank you!
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Where are you located and what type of riding do you mostly do?

If you are on a small mountain and located in the east coat then you can certainly get away with the 157.

edit - As a beginner the 157 is more than enough board for you. Enjoy!
You are over thinking this and you should just go out there and learn how to link your turns and try to go down the mountain without falling.

Even if you are you a little more toe side heavy or heel side heavy, it's only a little bit. You won't notice a thing.

That's just my opinion.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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