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Well, I guess if you made it this far you can read the title of the post... I'm new at this... Been on the snow (ice) a total of 4 days now and have been using rental equipment. The problem is.... it sucks and costs way to much to rent. So I'm looking for some advise. My girlfriend has introduced me to this and I fear she might of unleashed a beast! So I've been reading on the board a good bit today and learned.... a little...very little.

Anyhow I figured a little info might help. I'm 6'2" tall and run about 250 lbs. I have a size 14 foot but last weekend after my foot kept coming out of the boot I moved to a size 13 boot. Honestly though, They hurt bad... Super tight on the foot and crames my toes into the boots... I was still having problems with my heel lifting up in the boot while I was running downhill. So Im wondering if that is just the crappy rental boots or something Im doing? I have a wide foot if that matters.

I guess telling you what Im boarding on might help as well. If anyone knows WinterPlace in WVa that is where most of my boarding will be done this year... Maybe one trip to steamboat later if I pick it up enough. I dont really have any intention of doing any of the terrian park as even when I was skiing it was always about going down hill fast. Thats what Im looking for, Down hill fast with some stability.

I'm not looking for anything in particular but would just like some suggestions as to what I should look for. The last two weekends the rental people have given me a 160 board and it seemed like a nice board to me.

Any advise would be great.

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