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New Board 2013

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Hey guys, this is my first post, and I'm in need of YOUR help. I have a Bataleon Goliath, the first snowboard I've ever purchased and ridden, but alas, it's time for a new ride. I want a playful board that will be easy to press and slide, as well as a board that can handle the rest of the mountain. By rest of the mountain, I mean 20-30 foot booters, powder, hardpack, and the occasional black diamond. Mostly though, I want to have a fun board, not a slap of wood. I split my time between park and powder about 40/60, but when I'm not in the park, I'm still gonna wanna hit natural features such as natural hips, jumps, and fallen trees (Timberline Oregon has an abundance of fallen trees). Any who, some of the boards I had in mind are:
Capita Ultrafear FK
Capita Horrorscope FK
DC Ply
Signal Rocker Light
Signal Park Flat
Bataleon Fun Kink

Any others? Preferably in the sub $300 range, IM 15... Money's tight. But, the thing Im most concerned about is that the the Ultrafear won't be playful enough, the Horrorscope will be too soft and noodly to do anything but jibs, the DC will be too stiff for playfulness, the Rocker Light will be too noodly to handle anything, the Park Flat wont be playful enough, and the Fun Kink doesn't seem to be too worth it.

What are your guy's experience with these boards, and what do you like and dont like about them. Also, I need to buy some new bindings as well, and I was thinking some Union Contact Pro's, but I'm very open to suggestions, and wanna hear what you guys have to say about your favorite playful bindings.

Thanks in advance
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