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Been browsing this forum for a while now, finally made an account to seek some advice on a new board. I've been going strong with a 158 camber board I picked up 7-8 years ago, but it's starting to get pretty beaten up and I'm ready to spend money on a new one. I'm 5'10 150lbs, size 10 boot.

I switched to snowboarding around 12 years ago, although I've only been able to go around 10-15 days per year. I feel comfortable going down anything, working on my form for real steep and in the trees. Looking for a board to accommodate my main interests these days of dynamic high speed carving, getting more into powder, and tight/steep trees. Sadly it will most likely be a 1 board quiver for awhile, which makes choosing a compromise difficult. While I'd like to keep some decent switch and park capability, I could give it up for a board that rocks at what I usually enjoy riding.

Edit: I'll also be riding at least some on the East coast (where I live), so an edge that will grip on ice would be helpful.

From my research so far I like the GNU BillyGoat and NS Raptor, so I'd like hear opinions on which of those might be better suited to what I'm looking for. I'd also be open to suggestions on other boards instead, although I'd like to hear what they offer that is superior (or at least different) to not further increase my indecision.

Associated board size and binding recommendations also appreciated. I'll keep checking back on this thread, so let me know if more information would be helpful.

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