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New Burton board - help

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I'm a first time poster here, but been reading for some time :)

I'm planning to buy a new board for the next season.
The only board i've been riding, since i started snowboarding 3 years ago, is the Burton Jussi '09 in size 156 with cartel EST bindings.

Now I want to try something new. I've sold the Jussi with bindings to a friend and can now start looking for a new setup.

I am weighing about 160-165 lbs and i'm 6 feet tall.
I have a pair of Burton Ruler '09 boots in size 10.5 that i'm keeping.

I like to ride a bit of everything:
- 45% prepared/packed slopes
- 30% powder
- 25% park

If theres good powder i'll ride that more than the hard pack.

All in all I need an all-mountain board so i've been looking at some of Burtons flying-v boards. The Custom FV doesn't really get good reviews, but it seems that the sherlock does. Some say that the squeezebox from the 2013 model hasn't added anything to the 2012 model. I've got no problem with buying last years model which is widely available. The graphics also look better imo, but that's not a big issue.

Which Burton board do you recommend for me. If the sherlock which model/year?
Also please help with sizing of the board.
Do you have any recommendations for est bindings which would go well with the board you recommend and my riding prefs?

I live in Denmark and the only brand available is Burton, so please don't suggest anything else :)

Cheers!!! :)
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I've heard good things about the Antler. Interesting concept for a board and should fit your needs well.
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